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Student & Professional Testimonials


I’ve been an APICS member since 1985.  I’ve served my local Chapter on the Board of Directors for over 12 years.  Here are a couple of true stories that explain why I have stayed so loyal.

“Old school technology”.  A young engineer recently gave me a resume tip.  “Take the blank sheet of your resume, and type, top to bottom, every conceivable buzz work associated with your profession in white font.  By overlaying your resume on this “stock”, when a recruiting officer puts your resume through a computer screening, you won’t be eliminated from contention for failure to mention a key word”.  Yes, this is very clever, but it speaks volumes about a process that has lost some of it’s up-front human element. 

Making business contacts in the non-threatening environment of an APICS PDM or Certification class is the surest way to build a reliable professional network.  My “next” 2 jobs didn’t come from resumes, they came from networking.  This very simple solution has proven to be extremely effective, and as you’re applying the solution, you are also benefitting by gaining new knowledge for a very reasonable fee.

“An apple a day”.  Although it is great to get a broad education baked-in during classroom training, I find that I learn very well “piece meal”.  After 30 years in the work force, I set my goal to learn one new thing every day.  Going to PDMs, serving on the BOD, facilitates this goal of mine.  In the course of conversation with people from different industries with different issues, invariably one “apple of wisdom” will fall into my lap.  I always leave an APICS night with one new perspective that I never considered before.  I believe I am a more creative, resourceful worker because of this.

Yes, I have served you APICS, but you have also served me.  For my money, this has been a true win/win relationship. 

Sincerely, Raymond Karl Zimmerman, CPIM


 The APICS CPIM courses helped me launch my career in Supply Chain Planning and opened doors that otherwise would have remained closed.  I actually saw a return on my investment before I had even finished with all of the modules –having landed a much better job while finishing the SMR module.  Having the CPIM courses on my resume helped me stand out and was a key speaking note during my interview. Along with the career advancement benefits, the CPIM courses also introduced me to broader, company-wide inventory concepts that I apply in my daily activities.  

Lastly, the friendships and connections I gained through the CPIM courses have been incredible.  My fellow classmates and instructor were constantly informing me of potential job opportunities and offering their insight into work issues I was facing.  

John Taylor - Production Planner

"I have been an APICS member for 20+ years and have worked in a variety of manufacturing environments across the tri-state area. I have seen great changes in the American manufacturing industry. But, the one thing that has remained a constant throughout my career is APICS. It has brought to manufacturing what Leonardo da Vinci brought to engineering...Enlightenment! Not only does APICS provide new ways of looking at- and thinking about- manufacturing, they also provide the education, materials and support to think outside the box and implement change. I truly believe that without APICS, American manufacturing would not be competitive in today's global economy."  

Janet Smith-Castro - Senior Planner- D'Addario Company


"Quality can be defined as 'meeting or exceeding customer expectations.' If we use this template to evaluate the APICS Long Island Chapter in fulfilling their mission statement of providing value-added services, education and networking to the business community, it is 'second to none' in meeting its goals. Professional Development Meetings provide timely, concise and informative presentations to help employers and their associates meet the difficult challenges in today's global market. I have been familiar with the work and efforts of this organization for many years, and consider APICS one of the most valuable resources available to the Long Island business community."   

Ronald Mondolino - COO- Metpar Corp


"Although my professional background is in Purchasing, I realized I needed to broaden my perspective in Supply Chain Management. This led me to attend the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and offered real-world examples. He was able to take the vast amount of APICS material and present it in a clear and concise way. This allowed my class to gain a complete understanding of the Supply Chain model- from supplier through customer. The course has given me the confidence and ability to improve my career by giving me the tools to become a leader in my field."   Frank Colletti, CSCP - Purchasing Mgr- Designatronics, Inc.

 "I have known about APICS since the time I started my career in supply chain many years ago, but never attended training. I first heard of the new Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification about four years ago and was enticed by its one-exam-to-certify program. I contacted the APICS New York City-Long Island Chapter to teach the course in our office. Thus began my relationship with APICS NYC-LI who subsequently has taught multiple CSCP and Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) courses in-house. The results are employees’ educational needs are met, they understand their roles better, and planning and execution are more methodical and scientific. The several employees that become certified receive annual membership to APICS and have the opportunity to attend the APICS International Conference & Expo every year." 

Marco Guerero, CPIM, CSCP  Sr Director Supply Chain – The Hain Celestial Group


 I have been very impressed with the instructors (all certified "master" instructors), who are excellent and cover the material extremely well. Their knowledge of supply chain management is readily apparent. The instructors share their own personal experiences during the lectures, which helps put the concepts into perspective and solidify my comprehension. What stands out the most about the instructors is their passion and dedication to the supply chain field. The quality of instruction has helped me successfully prepare and pass all my CPIM exams I have taken so far. The class environment is very positive with class participation highly encouraged.     –  Crail

I found an organization that is made up of a diverse group of dedicated Supply Chain professionals from every industry in the Valley. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable. They don't just recite out of a textbook, they keep you engaged. I was so impressed at the quality of, not just the instructors, but of the people, that I ended up getting involved in the chapter. I found this to be a fantastic opportunity to network with other Supply Chain professionals. I was able to extend my professional network and find employment opportunities that I would have never had access to previously.   – Greg

 If you want to increase your marketability and earning potential, APICS is the place. Their facility, instructors, networking, and plant tours are all top notch. Although I've acquired other professional certifications, the CPIM & CSCP I earned through APICS Santa Clara Valley are by far the most valuable in contributing to my success.   –  Brian

APICS has offered the best experience in the bay area as far as quality of teachers. You won’t find any better ones around. They are very helpful with the information given, but are extremely helpful with guidance as far as to what will be on the exams and what to really focus on. You can’t get that from just reading the books!  –   Bill


You may find my next statement over the top, but it is indeed true. APICS and its teachings have changed my life.

As the Inventory Controller I was given the responsibility by The Materials Director for our valued inventory at our main plant and as you may imagine work was difficult. It was not until our new Operations Manager, a member of APICS, introduced APICS taught concepts and proven philosophies in managing our whole business that we were able to satisfy the customer and provide a quality product. This change eventually assured that the inventory promised to the customer was present and discoverable while being able to load and ship on time.

For me personally I was overwhelmed during the implementing of these APICS concepts and philosophies. I was discovering that just about any situation I was encountering was covered through APICS body of knowledge. I had to learn more. When my company offered me the opportunity to begin taking classes to achieve my CPIM certificate I jumped at the chance.

After 7 years with this company and many great successes the economy began to take its toll on our business and businesses as a whole. Though we had to end my partnership with the company my desire for APICS learning has not diminished. I can continue my education during these hard times primarily due to the APICS Princeton South Jersey Chapters willingness to extend this valued education free of charge while I am unemployed. I owe a debt of gratitude to John Zoeller and Frank Abatangelo, who is my present APICS teacher. I feel I have personal guidance through the APICS CPIM certification process. Five modules are being taught to me by Frank, at St. Anselm Church, an experienced teacher that provides real world experience during our 3 hour long sessions. I truly look forward to "picking" Franks brain weekly in relation to the APICS concepts, formulas, philosophies, and life business lessons learned during his years in the field.

Like the Inventory I once watched over I feel I have increased in value and direction due in great part to APICS and specifically my local APICS chapter, The Princeton South Jersey Chapter. To my fellow brother and sisters in the association I thank you for being there and helping me be the best I can be.

By Donald C. Cota Jr.

I was initially introduced to APICS through a former colleague I became reconnected to during my current job search. She invited me to attend one of our chapter’s Professional Development Meetings (PDM’s). Prior to attending the meeting, after researching APICS on the web, I took the plunge and joined in February 2009.

I felt APICS could provide a great opportunity to network and the
PDM’s would help provide some continuing education to aid me in my job search. The first PDM I
attended covered the 5S methodology which I found to be very informative.

At the PDM, I was introduced to the V.P. of Finance, Bob Wetherill. Bob is a great representative for the chapter who can immediately make you feel at ease. He asked if I was interested in attending the next chapter’s board meeting, I said yes, and the rest is history.

At my first board meeting I met the board members, all volunteers who want to see this chapter thrive and succeed. That camaraderie was a great influence in my decision to volunteer to become the next Newsletter Editor for the chapter.

In the brief six months I have been a member; I have already found support and help in my job search, started building a number of new friendships, and attended APICS’ 34th Congress for Progress. In addition, I took a big leap in my continuing education when I decided to go for my APICS CSCP certification. I took the course offered in March 2009, took the certification test in June and received my passing letter and certification in July!

The CSCP course has allowed me to put my 20 plus years of work experience and time as a global supply chain manager into perspective and has armed me with new knowledge and a new set of tools for my job search.

My APICS experience to date has been very positive and I look forward to my continuing participation with the chapter and supporting our membership through the newsletter.

By Barry Jedic, CSCP 

I have received many benefits as a member of APICS. Having joined APICS in 1982, I have been involved in many different ways.

APICS helped me launch my career in Supply Chain back when we used terms such as Inventory Control, MRP, CRP, DRP, JIT, and MPS and so on! I was able to get well grounded in these areas and was able to use APICS as a catalyst in career advancement and job placement.

In addition to the education, the networking opportunities abound in the APICS community. From International conferences to Congress for Progress to Professional Development meetings, there are many ways to hook up with fellow workers who have the same experiences, good and bad in the Supply Chain arena.

Serving on the board of directors for our local chapter has offered me opportunities that I would never easily get in the workplace. From fiscal duties to secretarial skills to leadership and public speaking, the experiences gained from serving on a board are "second to none".

Lastly, the friendships that I have gained through APICS round out my experiences and are a great take away from being involved with APICS.

By Bob Wetherill, CPIM / V.P. Finance

Back in 1992, when my boss said we would get a one-time $500 raise if we were certified as an APICS CPIM, I didn’t know what APICS or CPIM was. However the opportunity to earn a little more money certainly got my attention.

I worked for MAI Basic 4 as an implementer for their MRP product, Mainbase. Dave Besse, our manager, explained that he would help us learn the material and get certified. At the time there were 6 modules. He himself was not certified, so we began an in-house education routine with APICS materials, reading and studying. There were 8 of us, so we had lots of opportunity to share the learning experience and debate ideas about inventory and planning.

Several of us took 2 exams every time they were offered and in about a year of hard work, I received my CPIM certification, along with Dave and a couple of others. The company followed through, and I got the one-time raise. That was the beginning. I began to participate in APICS with Monmouth county chapter, but work traveling to manufacturing sites to implement software meant I was away from home quite a bit. With my APICS knowledge I became a better consultant and teacher of material control, inventory, and planning.

As the world changed, I changed jobs several times, and without a doubt, APICS and CPIM certification helped me get the job and helped me offer valuable knowledge to my customers and co-workers. Eventually I began to learn about Lean manufacturing as a result of implementing an MRP system at Wiremold, in West Hartford Connecticut. Steve Maynard, in charge of the implementation for Wiremold, said he would teach me how Lean worked. That began more learning as I tried to balance Lean & MRP. I became a Lean convert and began to educate others about Lean. When APICS offered the CSCP certification, again I had to study hard. I was able to use my experience and APICS education to pass the certification test.

In 2000, my work focused on New Jersey, and I connected with the PTMO chapter, and began to participate as a board member. The PDM’s are a continual source of additional knowledge. Of course, the friendships I’ve developed in the chapter are very valuable.
Currently, I continue to work with small to medium size manufacturers, as a Lean consultant with NJMEP (, educating people about Lean and about material and inventory control using the APICS body of knowledge. I am able to blend practical experience with APICS education to offer a variety of solutions to any issue. Certainly APICS has benefited my clients, my family, and me.

By David Hollinger, CPIM, CSCP


My career has been a gift in many ways, moving from R&D, to process development, to production and commercial operations. I wish I could say it was all by brilliant design but frankly some of it was a bit of luck. 

I fell into the pharmaceutical business in 1983 after a tour in the Navy and a short stint in chemical engineering. I was befriended by an operations guy who introduced me to APICS in northern New Jersey.

I remember going to meetings when the classes would start at 5 pm and PDM’s at 6:30 pm. Dozens of people were in classes and what seemed like a hundred people would be at the meetings. I was a bit overwhelmed. I was a process development guy at the time and my operations management skill set was sad to be kind. Those meetings opened my eyes to a world one doesn’t often see as a young person. A mix of young pups like me and old hands from dozens of companies all sharing friendships and ideas. All sharing a common passion, finding ways to do what they do every day better.

I’ve been in and around APICS now for over 25 years. I’ve been a member of a few different chapters over the years depending on where my job was. But there has been one common theme – get better at what you do – for yourself and for your employer.

What does APICS mean? Of course the training & education. But also the exchange of ideas at the meetings. The PDM presentations are, of course, very informative, but also the informal interchange. Meeting other practitioners of the art of operations management from other companies has been of great value. I’m met many people, some from my own industry and some from other industries. The dialog always sparks and idea or two that I can apply to by day-to-day job. So what does APICS mean to me? In way the best word to describe it is enrichment.

By Peter J Blok, PhD