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2017 Northeast District Student Case Competition


In early March, Providence APICS sent a small contingency of affiliates (students, Board members, judges, and instructors) to the APICS Northeast District Student Case Competition in Albany, New York. More than 28 graduate and undergraduate teams totaling more than 100 students competed, representing more than 20 New England colleges and universities. 

Teams of students were given a supply chain problem to be solved using a computer simulation game. Teams developed and executed their solutions in the simulation. All Teams presented to a Panel of Judges on their rationale for the decisions and their learning through the simulation experience.

This was a great opportunity for Students to utilize skills and demonstrate concepts learned, in a competitive, fun and supportive environment.

The prizes included $3600 in cash prices at the competition plus a trip for the winning Team to San Antonio, Texas to attend and compete at the 2017 APICS International Conference.

Here is a brief pictorial of the extremely successful event:

2017 Student Case Competition APICS

 APICS Providence sponsors student case competition for Northeast District




APICS Northeast District Student Case Competition 2017

APICS Northeast District Volunteers being recognized at event



Bryant University Student Judges

Providence APICS sponsored two (2) students from Bryant University as student judges (Kevin Arbeiter ‘17 and Sara Stone ’17 of Bryant University, Smithfield, RI)



Geoff LeRoy stands with 12 students competing in the student case competition

Right to Left:  Lissa Almanzar (RIC), Jennifer Atkinson (RIC), Mike Messier (VP of Education), Keren Almnanzar (RIC), Geoff LeRoy (President), Darlington Teameh (RIC), Ryan Gannon (Bryant University), Ryan Lopes (Bryant University), Sebastian Mercado (Bryant University), Kevin Arbeiter (Bryant University), Sara Stone (Bryant University), Tony “Z” Zampello (Prov Corp Affiliate - - Zampello & Associates)

Providence APICS sponsored twelve (12) individuals to attend the Student Case Competition including 1 judge, 2 student judges, 7 students (2 competing teams), 1 instructor and 1 Board member.



Student Case Competition APICs Providence 

Providence Chapter affiliated students relaxing; right to left: Lissa Almanzar, Keren Almanzar, Jennifer Atkinson from RIC; Jose Calderon (Rutgers), Kevin Arbeiter and Ryan Gannon from Bryant University

The Providence Team relaxing after a long day of competition.


Students affiliated with APICS Providence Chapter

Providence Chapter affiliated students relaxing; right to left: Lissa Almanzar, Keren Almanzar, Jennifer Atkinson from RIC; Jose Calderon (Rutgers), Kevin Arbeiter and Ryan Gannon from Bryant University.


Student Testimonials 

What do Students say about the event?

My experience with the APICS Providence Chapter has been nothing but incredible. As a graduating senior whom enjoys and seeks to make a difference in supply chain management, APICS is a forum where I can continue to learn as well as network with professional who are already in the field. This invaluable opportunity has the ability to allow students such as myself to gain an in-depth perspective on the many different areas of supply chain management from individuals that work in these areas.

In addition, APICS also offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to compete in regional and national case competition. I attended a regional case competition and it was an incredible experience unlike any that can be replicated in a classroom setting. These competitions challenge a team of students to work together to solve real world problems that exist within supply chains in all industries. These students are tasked with identifying the problem, formulating a solution, and professionally presenting their findings to a team of judges.

-  Ryan Lopes ’17, Supply Chain, Bryant University


The Bryant University Global Supply Chain Management program has grown significantly over the past few years. Part of the growth is rooted in the connection between the student-led organization SCLA (Supply Chain Leadership Association) and its partnership with Providence APICS.  

Bryant SCLA works closely with Providence APICS and in 2014 created a Bryant APICS student chapter. The Bryant APICS student Board of Directors works with the SCLA board members and is committed to working with Providence APICS to host and attend APICS meetings throughout the year. These meetings not only introduce students to supply chain concepts but forge a networking opportunity with professionals in the field.

"I attended a PDM that discussed 'Building One's Brand' with students from Bryant, surrounding colleges, and SCM professionals. I learned important topics about how to build my brand within the workplace as I navigate my SCM career." 

Bryant SCLA and Providence APICS co-hosted a Lean Manufacturing event held at Bryant University with more than 30 attendees present. "This was my last SCLA/APICS event as the SCLA President and I was overjoyed by the number of attendees and participation. It's challenging for students to manage their course load, exam schedule, extracurricular involvements and other commitments. Therefore, when the PDM kicked off and we had a full house of students interacting with professionals and learning more about topics important in our field of study it gave me a great sense of pride in the APICS partnership we've created." 

The Bryant SCLA and APICS board members are currently planning what the 2016-2017 year has in store and are looking forward to continuing the Bryant-APICS partnership. 

"I'm an extremely proud alumna of Bryant University's Global Supply Chain Management Program. I'm eager to see what the students continue to accomplish and I'm happy to know I helped set a foundation for the Bryant APICS partnership to continue creating more opportunities for students". 

 -  Emily Socha ‘16, Supply Chain, Bryant University


The APICS Northeast District Student Competition was a fantastic experience.  I’ll never forget how much fun my team had working on the case. 

It was challenging and allowed for our team to practice our analytic skills and apply concepts learned in and outside of class. It was an enjoyable event and made the hard work entirely worth it.

  - Davies DeCesare-Fousek, Operations Management, UMass Amherst, Isenberg School of Management

"Before last winter I had never been in a leadership position, however, in December, I signed up for the Northeast District APICS Student competition because it sounded interesting, and quickly realized that if I didn’t take charge, nobody would. I volunteered to be the team captain in order to register us. 

I directed my team throughout the competition, organizing priorities, assigning tasks, and eventually leading us to a second place victory." 

  - Elizabeth Karpinski, Management, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Foisie School of Management

Learning through the experience of working with the APICS Northeast District Student Competitions has helped me propel myself towards reaching my career goals.

Working with a team to solve complex business problems has introduced me to new challenges, sparked new interests, and has brought me a realm of new professional network connections — This opportunity has truthfully been like no other.

  - Jaclyn Valentine, Supply Chain Management, Binghamton University, School of Management

I've competed in the APICS Northeast District Student Competition for two years in a row, and it has proven an incredible experience each time. The opportunity to compete against other Universities for National recognition grants students unparalleled motivation to solve today's global operations and supply chain challenges. 
- Tyler Potter, Supply Chain Management, Binghamton University, School of Management