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2016 Student Scholarship Winners


Lissa Almanzar student scholarship winner

The following four (4) students were awarded student scholarships in June 2016.  

There are two (2) students from Johnson & Wales University, one (1) from Bryant University and one (1) from Rhode Island College.

$1,500     Savannah Bucher (Johnson & Wales University)
$1,000     Sara Stone (Bryant University)
$500        Lissa Almanzar (Rhode Island College)
$500        James Alden (Johnson & Wales University)

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Student Testimonials

In APICS I have found a professional community that provides me with tremendous support and educational growth. The benefits I've derived are many. To name a few, APICS's meetings, presentations, and weekly newsletters have been a great source for current industry knowledge and expanding my network.  Also, APICS granted me the benefit of education by selecting me as one of its Providence APICS Student Scholarship Program recipient in 2016. Undeniably, this award was a windfall for a student like myself who pays for school out of pocket. I was able to take a summer class and move forward within my operations management degree. Thank you APICS!

- Lissa Almanzar, RIC


“Since joining the APICS student chapter in Providence, I’ve met industry professionals who work directly in supply chain industry. APICS has allowed me to gain the confidence that once I get my degree, I will have the resources to find a job right out of College through APICS and the many resources they provide. At first, I was apprehensive about pursuing the APICS student scholarship because I thought there would be a lot of paperwork and the process would be exhaustive. The APICS scholarship program is the most rewarding and easy to apply for scholarship I’ve had during my college experience. Take my word for it, fill out the application to join APICS student membership (it’s free!), and then fill out the scholarship application. The process took me less than 10 minutes!”

- James Alden, JWU


"The Bryant University Global Supply Chain Management program has grown significantly over the past few years. Part of the growth is rooted in connection between the student-led organization SCLA (Supply Chain Leadership Association) and its partnership with Providence APICS.

Bryant SCLA works closely with Providence APICS and in 2014 created a Bryant APICS student chapter. The Bryant APICS student Board of Directors works with the SCLA board members and is committed to working with Providence APICS to host and attend APICS meetings throughout the year. These meetings not only introduce students to supply chain concepts but forge a networking opportunity with professionals in the field.

I attended a PDM that discussed 'Building One's Brand' with students from Bryant, surrounding colleges, and SCM professionals. I learned important topics about how to build my brand within the workplace as I navigate my SCM career.

Bryant SCLA and Providence APICS co-hosted a Lean Manufacturing event held at Bryant University with more than 30 attendees present. This was my last SCLA/APCIS event as the SCLA President, and I was overjoyed by the amount of attendees and participation. It's challenging for students to manage their course load, exam schedule, extracurricular involvements and other commitments. Therefore, when the PDM kicked off and we had a full house of students interacting with professionals and learning more about topics important in our field of study it gave me a great sense of pride in the APICS partnership we've created.

The Bryant SCLA and APICS board members are currently planning what next year has in store and are looking forward to continuing the Bryant-APICS partnership.

I'm an extremely proud alumna of Bryant University's Global Supply Chain Management Program. I'm eager to see what the students continue to accomplish and I'm happy to know I helped set a foundation for the Bryant APICS partnership to continue creating more opportunities for students."

- EmilySocha, 2016 Graduate & Past President of Bryant University Student Chapter


APICS has provided me opportunities to attend networking events, professional development meetings, and case competitions. All of these incredible experiences helped to further my education and have provided lifelong connections. The student chapter has helped me to distinguish myself from others in the competitive job market. 

- Kevin Arbeiter, 2017 Bryant University Supply Chain graduate